General Data Protection Regulations 

GDPRiS is the leading provider of data protection management and monitoring software and services to the UK education sector. Founded in 2017, GDPRiS is an affordable, effective solution to help schools and Trusts with their compliance with data protection law.

This service is available to LGfL schools as an optional extra service. 

What does GDPRiS service include? 

With comprehensive reporting across all areas, including an annual report for Governors, GDPRiS provides everything schools need to meet the requirements of the UK GDPR and demonstrate their compliance.

They also offer a DPO Support service that is powered by their platform and designed to ensure schools can access the advice and guidance they need.

Special pricing for LGfL schools based on a 3-year contract:

Primary Schools: £495 per annum

Secondary/Special/All-through School: £595 per annum