Welcome to lgfL

a Message from our ceo

LGfL CEO, John Jackson welcomes you to the Let's Get Digital service and explains all the benefits you'll receive as part of your package. You'll be able to start claiming your free licenses immediately for a range of products and services.

Visit our LGfL TV Portal to find out more and Let's get Digital!

Overview of Transition Process

Setting up Services

Ensuring your transition to your new LGfL connection is trouble free!

Ensure your Firewall, Filtering and Security settings meet school needs.

Take advantage of the free services that we bundle as part of your subscription!

Introduction to LGfl resources and services

What Learning Resources are available?

What are the LGfL Safeguarding Resources?

How does LGfL support Teachers?

How does LGfL keep my School safe?

How can LGfL support the Computing Curriculum?

How does LGfL support Inclusion in School?