Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 Part 1 & Annex A ...translated

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. That's why ALL school staff must read and understand Part 1 of the DfE's statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education.

As many schools employ speakers of English as an Additional Language who are not required to have a high level of English for their role, it can be challenging to ensure that everyone understands the full meaning and principles of the guidance. That's why, as part of LGfL's commitment to helping schools keep children safe, we commissioned translations of KCSIE Part 1 - and now also Annex A -into thirteen community languages. These are now available below as free, open-access documents for the benefit of all* schools.

Feel free to download and print (buttons for both are on the top right of the page when you have the document open), but please do not upload elsewhere. Only share online by referring people to

Part 1

All staff who work directly with children should read Part 1 (English original from page 7 here). Equally all staff should either read Part 1 or Annex A

READ ALOUD - we cannot translate into every language, but it may also help many people to hear the English document read aloud. You can use the Microsoft Edge browser to do this. Open Microsoft Edge, copy and paste this link into it >> right-click on the document at the relevant points and click 'Read aloud'

Annex A

Annex A is the condensed version of Part 1 in the full KCSIE version (English original here). Schools can use their judgement for which version to use but this is not to be used with staff working directly with children. Our advice would be to err towards the fuller Part 1 version wherever possible.

Please note these translations were carried out by professional linguist with secondary proofing. However, the original English version should be treated as the official source of statutory school staff duties. The original Department for Education document Keeping Children Safe in Education is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0.

*Department for Education guidance does not apply outside England