Internal Critical Vulnerability Scan

A Free Vulnerability Assessment of your Internal Network

LGfL understands the importance of a secure network and knows that schools depend upon technology to deliver educational services for their pupils. Internal Critical Vulnerability Scan is a part of LGfL’s CyberCloud centre of excellence in cybersecurity, introduced to help schools identify technical security vulnerabilities on their internal networks.

 The service is included free of charge in LGfL Let’s Get Digital subscription.

About CyberProtect 

With your explicit permission, LGfL will conduct a Vulnerability Assessment (VA) of your internal infrastructure using an industry-standard scanning tool. The VA will generate a report that will help you assess the resilience of your security controls and identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to gain unauthorised access to your internal network.

The VA should not cause any negative impact on the network being scanned or cause any disruption to users. LGfL will only scan the IP address ranges that you specify and only at pre-agreed specific times/dates.

The VA will generate a report which will be emailed to you, securely, for your consideration and for you to apply any remedial action(s) that are required.