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Good News: No Broadband Price Hikes & Increases In 2023 From LGfL 


There are continuing major problems on Virgin Media’s national network. LGfL and Virgin Media are looking at urgent countermeasures to shield schools from the continuing problems on Virgin’s national network and bring back service to affected sites as soon as possible. A further update will follow shortly on the support site and https://news.lgfl.net


Virgin Media is currently experiencing major outages on its national network. These incidents affected schools overnight. In response, urgent engineering works have been undertaken to restore internet service to schools and MATs. At this point, all LGfL schools are currently operational.  I’d like to thank the engineers and Virgin Media for prioritising education and ensuring LGfL schools are being kept running. Unfortunately, I cannot rule out disruption to broadband services today due to the severity of problems affecting Virgin Media. However, please be assured all is being done to avoid this.


LGfL is acutely aware of the financial pressures schools are under this year.  In recent weeks, I’ve had a number of enquiries from concerned headteachers about LGfL’s position. In light of this, I would like to reassure all schools and MATs that LGfL has no intention of increasing its broadband charges to schools in 2023. We are a not-for-profit organisation, and our priority is the reinvestment of surpluses back into schools and MATs. This is more important than ever in the current climate.

LGfL is aware that one of our key suppliers (Adept Plc (formerly Atomwide)) who provide services to you on behalf of LGfL may have written to you about a price increase of 12.5%. Please be reassured that those price increases are for goods and services Adept provide directly to you. LGfL, as set out above, will not be putting schools under any additional financial pressure in 2023 and there are no increases to LGfL broadband services.

LGfL’s focus in 2023 will be to continue saving schools and MATs millions of pounds by providing freely bundled products with our broadband service, such as anti-virus and security protections. LGfL will continue to provide free bandwidth upgrades to schools where feasible and LGfL will continue to provide a comprehensive training offer (found at training.lgfl.net) at no additional charge to schools. The Pupil Premium checker will continue to be free as well.

Over the coming weeks, we will be making a series of key announcements regarding important innovations and improvements to LGfL. These are designed to further increase LGfL’s value for money to you including additions to our security and safeguarding packages. 

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How much are and can your school/MAT save?

Apart from not passing on price increases in 2023, LGfL bundles valuable licences and software to schools with its broadband service (Let’s Get Digital). You can find out how much you can / are saving with LGfL at https://savings.lgfl.net and LGfL would be delighted to advise and support you make use of these included items.

Cybersecurity and LGfL Cybercloud 

LGfL has set up a team that is focused on keeping schools and MATs safe. LGfL also wraps a defensive shield around its broadband service called CyberCloud. This shield incorporates multiple layers of FREE protection including firewalls, anti-virus, ransomware, encrypted remote backups, filtering and DDOS protection along with access to a range of resources to support effective planning. Further information is available at cybercloud.lgfl.net